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A Raised Garden without Construction Permits

You want a raised bed, but you don't want to (or don't have time to) build it your self. It seems every DIY raised garden is an "easy afternoon project" that requires at least one trip to the hardware store (which quickly turns into three) and hours (or days) of labor. Hard labor.

5 Easy Steps to set up your 
Big Bag Bed.

Step 1: Remove your Big Bag Bed from its box.
Step 2: Unroll the bag where you want your garden.
Step 3: Fill your Big Bag Bed with soil or your favorite medium.
Step 4: Plant whatever you are growing.
Step 5: There is no step five.

A Raised Garden that helps your plants grow
The Big Bag Bed (from the makers of Smart Pot®) is constructed of porous fabric which dissipates excess heat and encourages excess water to evaporate. The bag has a unique ability to air prune, enhancing the plant's ability to create strong, healthy roots.


Plant squash, tomatoes, pumpkin, herbs, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon…there are nearly endless growing opportunities when using the Big Bag Bed!

And another thing…
Other raised beds are often constructed with treated lumber and other unsafe material that may contain toxic chemicals. The Big Bag Bed is made with inert fabric and is BBA free, making it completely safe for all edibles.

Traditional raised beds can get expensive, often costing hundreds of dollars. The Big Bag Bed is an inexpensive way to raised bed garden. For well under $50, you can start planting in your raised bed garden today!

Available in two sizes, the Jr. and Mini, you can choose a size that's right for your growing needs!

Why Is the Big Bag Bed better?

  • No installation or construction required. Just unfold, fill & plant!
  • Circular shape allows you to reach the center from any position.
  • The Big Bag Bed is weatherproof and reusable. It’ll last for years!
  • Warms quickly in the spring and releases excess heat in the summer.
  • Provides excellent drainage and won’t hold access water.
  • It air prunes the roots which causes a better root system. Healthy roots, healthy plant!
  • Discourages ground pests such as gophers and moles.

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