Planting Seeds in Eggshells

This article shows how to plant peas but you can use any kind of vegetable or flower seed for this method!

If you have young children, a fun way to get them excited about gardening is to let them to have a small area of their own to plant a garden.

How to Plant Peas in Eggshells

  • Collect a bunch of eggshells {half an egg shell is the perfect size}.
  • Rise the eggshells out with water.
  • Fill each egg shell with moistened potting soil.
  • Add 2 or 3 seeds and bury to the depth stated on the vegetable packet.
  • Place in a sunny windowsill and wait for the seeds to sprout {make sure to keep the seeds well watered}.
  • Once the seed has sprouted, wait until the seedling is about 4 to 5 inches tall before hardening off and setting outside.
  • Carefully crush the eggshell so the roots of the seedlings have room to grow.
  • Plant and water as you normally would any other plant in the garden.


Depending on the variety {I suggest Sugar Snap Peas for kids} peas should be ready to harvest in about 2 months. The cool thing about peas is you can build a teepee to hold up the vines or grow them along a fence. Either way they are fun for kids to watch grow because of the long vines and pretty flowers.


And they’ll love picking and eating them of course too.


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