We have Baby Chickens, Ducklings, and Turkey Poults of all colors, sizes, and breeds.  Come in and see which ones we have today and read below for a full list of available breeds.

  • Pre-pay for chicks that have a breed name and date of arrival are accepted for later day pick up.

  • Minimum pre-pay -- 6 chicks

  • Mixing and matching breeds is accepted in one arrival dated shipment

Arriving April 5th:

Production Reds

Silver laced Wyandottes

Light Brahmas


Arriving April 12th:

Barred Rocks

Buff Orpingtons

Blue Silkies  (straight run)

White Silkies  (straight run)

Arriving April 19th:

Easter Eggers


         Duckling assortment  (straight run)

         Pekins  (straight run)

Arriving April 26th:

Rhode Island Reds

Black Australorps

Turkey assortment  (straight run)