Give your soil what it really wants!

  • Add organic matter
  • Reduce compaction
  • Cut water use
  • Replenish soil microbes
  • Prevent topsoil loss
  • Improve nutrient uptake
  • Control stormwater  
  • Filter pollutants

Directions for Soil Builder use:

Fruits, vegetables, ornamentals: Apply 1 to 2

inches of Soil Builder ..lncorporate to a depth of

6 to 8 inches, plant and water. Condition this way

every other year.

Trees, shrubs: Dig a hole the same depth as the

root ball and two to three times as wide. Mix 1

part Soil Builder with 2 parts soil saved from the

planting hole. Place the plant in the planting hole

and apply amended soil around the root ball. Firm

the soil as the hole is backfilled and water well.

New turf areas: Apply 1 to 2 inches of

5011Builder and incorporate to a depth of 6 to 8

inches. Apply see-d or install sod; rake and water.

Topsoil manufacturing/upgrading: Mix 1 part

Soil Builder with 2 to 3 parts soil and blend.

Turf topdressing: Core-aerate turf making 4 to 5

passes over the area to be top-dressed. Apply a

1/4 to 1/2-inch application of Soil Builder to the

turf surface using standard topdressing

equipment, or apply by hand. Rake or back-draq

Soil Builder into the turf canopy and core holes.

Seed (if needed) and water

One cubic yard of McGill Soil Builder covers: